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The Solaris 150 is a manual loading benchtop  
RTP system for R&D and pre-production. 
The Solaris 150 can process up to 150mm 
substrates at a temperature range from RT-
1300 degrees.

The unique temperature measurement system 
of the Solaris requires virtually no calibration 
for different wafer types and backside 
emmissivity differences.

The Solaris uses a unique PID process 
controller that ensures accurate temperature 
stability and uniformity. The system can 
accomodate four interlocked MFCs for gas 
mixing and forming gas processing.

The Solaris is designed for silicon implant 
annealing and monitoring and compound 
semiconductor implant activation and ohmic 


  • Easy to Use GUI Interface
  • Temperature Range RT-1300 degrees
  • Four MFC Capability
  • Zone Control
  • Top only or Bottom only Heating option
  • Thermocouple controlled
  • 21 Tungsten Halogen Lamps above and below 
    the wafer in an Overlapping array
  • 1”-6” wafer capability
  • SiC coated susceptors for III-V processing
  • Quartz liners for BPSG/PSG processing
  • 15 month warranty