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Innovative Robotics Products

Innovative Robotics' robots are user friendly with ease of operation and maintenance free with exceptional reliability. Innovative Robotics' robots and system solutions are industry leaders in high quality and low cost, thus enabling OEM manufacturers to improve their cost of ownership tremendously, while improving their equipment productivity and reliability.

Innovative Robotics provides standard robots and systems for 200mm & 300mm equipment as well as custom designs for customer specific applications. Innovative Robotics sells and supports its products through a reliable and responsive network of sales and support professionals worldwide.



IR-820 SCARA Robot Family 

The IR-820 robot employs a unique hardware and software approach, which provides performance enhancements and reduces the need for costly add-on options. The unique SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) operation of the IR-820 robot allows OEMs greater freedom to embed the robot within the process tool. This capability greatly improves tool productivity and in many cases can reduce the tool's footprint. The IR-820 SCARA robot provides the following customer benefits:

  1. 30% faster throughput compared with 3-axis, R-Theta systems.
  2. Significantly reduced integration and software development costs
  3. Reduced downtime because of robust software, simpler mechanical design, and advanced health monitoring, resulting in increased Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF).
  4. Reduced field service support costs due to higher reliability.
  5. Reduced tool footprint for many applications.
  6. Easily adaptable to different arm configuration, radius of working area, working heights and material handling requirements.
Data sheetIR-820.pdf
VideoIR-820 Single Wrist 3 Foup


IR-1200/1300 Prealigner 

High Throughput and Precision

Innovative Robotics’ wafer prealigners can quickly center and orient any silicon wafer from 100mm to 300mm by issuing a simple text command to the controller.

Innovative Robotics’ aligners offer the flexibility of operating in either high throughput alignment mode, with robot centering, or high precision mode, using the on-board translation axis for stand-alone wafer centering. Lift pin operation is available for use with “blade” style end-effectors.

The aligner integrates seamlessly with the IR-820C controller.

 Data sheet IR-1200/1300.pdf