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Aerosol Generators and Filter Test System 


Model 2045 Aerosol PSL Generator 




The Model 2045 PSL Generator is designed to challenge ULPA and HEPA cleanroom filters as part of the efficiency certification process. HEPA filters provide 4/9 and 5/9 efficiency ratings, while ULPA filters provide 6/9 and 7/9 ratings.

PSL spheres at 0.3um are generally used to challenge HEPA filters and detect pin hole leaks, while PSL spheres at 0.15μm or 0.12μm are used to challenge ULPA filters and detect pin hole leaks.

The rate of PSL challenge is extremely important, considering a 6/9 filter has the capability to trap 99.9999% of all particles flowing through the filter. That is 1 particle in 1 million that can get through a 6/9 filter, thus in order to challenge a filter with this high efficiency, a high volume PSL generator is required. The Model 2045 is the only generator designed today to achieve this high volume output of 7.2x10 10 at 0.10μm. The PSL aerosol is mixed with the appropriate airflow and the DI water evaporates from the spheres prior to filter contact.

Data SheetsModel 2045.pdf


Model 2045S Corn Oil Generator 



Face Mask Filter Efficiency and Leak Testing

Corn Oil Generator is designed to provide respirator testing to challenge face mask filters as part of the efficiency certification process.

Face Mask filters generally provide 4/9 or higher efficiency ratings.

The Model 2045-S is a customized atomizer aerosol generator designed to produce a polydisperse distribution of Corn Oil particles between 0.4um and 0.5um at a very high rate for challenging face masks.

The 2045-S can also be set up to generate oleic acid aerosol particles, DOS and DOP (dioctylphthalate) aerosol particles.

 Data SheetsModel 2045S.pdf


Model 3100 AutoScan Filter Test System 


The Model 3100 XP AutoScan ULPA/HEPA automated filter test system provides the most advanced ULPA/HEPA filter testing by combining leak detection and 99.9999% efficiency certification in one scan cycle. The standard system includes a 2' x 4' uniform airflow chamber w/ XY scan module/controls, 2500:1 diluter, 1000cfm blower, filter test station to support multiple filter sizes, computer, Flat Panel Display, flow controls, MFCs, High Output PSL Generator, Met One LPC, Probe, Recipe Control electronics console and instrumentation. Combining leak detection and efficiency provides a significant labor savings, reduces equipment cost, requires less cleanroom floor space, lowers the combined test time, and requires only 1 handling cycle thereby minimizing filter damage. With the integration of recipe control, digital sensors, aerosol sampling and user friendly operation, the AutoScan System provides rapid, automated leak detection and efficiency measurements of ULPA/HEPA filters. Computer Recipe Control minimizes typical operator errors encountered in manually operated or semi-automatic systems. 
Data SheetsModel 3100.pdf