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Model 2001/2010 Cleanroom Fogger


 These Ultrapure Cleanroom Foggers provide the highest purity, cleanliness and fog density unmatched by any other fog generating technique. The fogger is portable with carrying handles.  Ultrapure fog to be directed to tight locations. High purity DI (de-ionized) water fog is generated by condensing purified steam with liquid nitrogen using a unique, patented process. The ultrapure water fog is neutrally buoyant, non-contaminating, and highly visible.

Other fog generators based on ultrasonic atomization (DI water foggers) or the dry-ice process (CO2 foggers) create background residue particles, generated as the non-pure fog evaporates. This makes CO2 and DI Water foggers unsuitable for class 1, class 10 cleanroom use.  These foggers require pressure to push the fog out, which induces its own turbulence into the airflow to be visualized. Ultrapure Cleanroom Foggers from MSP create a non-contaminating fog, leaving no residue behind as the ultrapure fog evaporates. The fog enters the airflow at very low velocity, thus does not create its own turbulence.  The Model 2001 and 2010 are the only foggers suitable for use in Class 1 - 100,000 cleanrooms for airflow & turbulence visualization, flow balancing and contaminant transport studies around process tools.

Data Sheets

Model 2001/2010.pdf
Model 2001/10 Technical Info.pdf



Model FOG GUN 

The patented, hand-held Fog-Gun water fogger was developed specifically for users that require totally portable visible vapor generation. Many of the foggers on the market today claim to be portable, but small size alone does not make a tool totally portable. This battery powered, hand-held, on-demand, ultrasonic fogger meets the criteria for portability.

  • Cleanroom laminar flow testing
  • Airflow balancing
  • Wet bench exhaust optimization
  • Process equipment ventilation testing
  • Personal safety exhaust verification
  • Pressure balancing between rooms and spaces
 Data SheetsModel FOGGUN.pdf
 VideoReview Video on the Cleanroom Fogger


Model Fogger II 

The low cost, easy to use, Utility Fogger II produces, on demand, a cool, noncontaminating visible vapor composed of microscopic DI water droplets (fog).The fog is used for analyzing airflow patterns and turbulence in clean spacesor around equipment at distances of 3 to 6 feet depending on the air velocity and humidity of the environment. The fog is generated by ultrasonic transducers.The UF2 uses a positive pressure to push the fog out the fog tube.

Data SheetsModel Fogger II.pdf